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Restoule Provincial Park Adventure

Quick Details

Participant Ages 13+

A hidden gem in northern Ontario!

The Adventure Begins with the Fire Tower Trail

Our day trip adventure embarks on the iconic Fire Tower Trail, a journey that promises both a challenge and a reward. Rated as moderate in difficulty, this trail is perfect for adventurers seeking a bit of thrill without the technicality of a hard trek. Along the way, you’ll traverse diverse landscapes, each step bringing new sights and sounds of the untamed wilderness.

The pinnacle of the hike is the breathtaking lookout from the top of the Fire Tower. Here, you’ll be greeted with panoramic views that stretch endlessly across the park’s rugged terrain and pristine lakes. It’s a moment of awe, where the beauty of Ontario unfolds before your eyes—a perfect spot for reflection and unforgettable photos. We can eat our lunch at this amazing spot.

Relaxation Awaits at the Beach

After the exhilarating hike, we’ll retreat to one of Restoule’s serene beaches. It’s the perfect spot to relax your muscles, take a refreshing swim in the waters, or simply enjoy the tranquility of nature’s embrace. This peaceful interlude offers a gentle wind-down from the day’s adventure, allowing you to soak in the natural beauty at your own pace.

Rainy Day Alternative instead of the beach: Arrowhead Provincial Park

Should the weather decide not to cooperate, worry not—we have a splendid alternative planned. On our way back to Toronto, we’ll make a detour to Arrowhead Provincial Park for a short hike to the Big Bend Lookout. This easy trail offers a unique perspective of the park’s stunning landscapes, ensuring that no matter the weather, adventure and beauty remain on the agenda.

Why Join Us?

Our Restoule Provincial Park day trip is designed for those who seek the road less traveled. It’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the unspoiled beauty of Northern Ontario and to find peace along the shores of hidden beaches. With an expert guide leading the way and a small group setting, this adventure promises not just a day out, but a journey into the heart of Ontario’s wilderness.

Are you ready to uncover the hidden wonders of Restoule Provincial Park? Let us take you on a journey that will captivate your spirit and refresh your senses. Book your adventure today and step into the extraordinary.


7:45am – Departure from Christie Subway Station (outside the Tim Hortons)
11:30 am – hike begins at Restoule Provincial Park (a good time to eat our lunch before starting the hike).
11:45 am– We begging our spectacular 6km hike where we will be seeing Ambar Lake, a Fire tower and one of the most scenic lookouts in Ontario.
2:00 pm – Time to relax at the beach after our hike, the water is nice to go for a swim.
4:00pm – We get ready to go back to Toronto
6:00pm – Dinner together at the iconic burger place Webers!
8:45pm – Expected arrival time to Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in the tour?
A: Transportation there and back In a comfortable minivan, guided hike(s) and admission/parking at Restoule Provincial Park

Q: What should I bring with me/wear?
A: Appropriate clothing for hiking, closed-toe shoes, hat, gloves, extra socks. Please check the weather for the Restoule  region beforehand. You can leave unnecessary items in the van if needed. You should also bring snacks, lunch and enough water for the day. Cash for your dinner at webers and if you want to rent a canoe. Here is a helpful link from our Blog for guidance on packing: